Established in 1905, the Ecumenical Campus Ministries (ECM) is a gathering place for those who aspire to spiritual development and personal growth, and who are committed to social action. 

Ecumenical Campus Ministries (ECM) is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) interfaith- based organization with diverse programs and activities that serve our community. ECM strives to be sensitive, accepting, intellectually honest, and liberating in the matter of how humans cultivate and know a sense of purpose in their lives.


Our programs focus on providing answers to six questions:

1) Vocation & Career- What do I want my life to say?

2) Sexuality- What does it mean to be a man/woman/gender fluid person today?

3) Global & Environmental Justice -What are the implications of the interdependence of the Earth and its creatures? How do we assure that no matter their social status, all humans beings are protected from environmental and health hazards?

4) Faith Dynamics-  How can religious or spiritual practices help me understand and affirm my life and all of creation?

5) Cross-Cultural Awareness- How does my personal and social identity affect my thoughts and behaviors in a multicultural and multiracial society?

6) Hospitality- How can we welcome all those in Lawrence and at the university to join us in fellowship and contemplation of these questions?

We are guided by four principles . . . .

  1. We recognize the faiths of others. We honor the names for, and understandings of, the divine held by different groups.

  2. We strive to remain open to mystery. We find more grace in the search for understanding than in self-satisfied certainty, more value in questioning than in dogma.

  3. We dedicate ourselves to forming communities that seek peace, that protect God’s creation and work to restore what has been lost, and that bring hope to those Jesus called “the least” of his sisters and brothers.

  4. We respect difference. Believers and agnostics, Christians and skeptics . . . people of every sexual orientation and gender identity, of all races and cultures, of all classes and abilities . . . those who hope for a better world and those who have lost their hope – our hearth is open to all.

. . . . and this vision.

As a ministry affiliated with the University of Kansas for over 110 years, we’ve sought to catalyze the formation of communities of faith in which people learn to listen and act  with open hearts and minds.