ECM Programs

Below is a list of some of our current on-going programs at the ECM. We host a multitude of other events and programs not listed here in partnership with community organizations and student groups. To receive the most recent updates, please sign up for our newsletter! 

Art created by Melinda Narro, KU ‘19

Art created by Melinda Narro, KU ‘19

Veggie Lunch

Veggie Lunch is a free VEGAN lunch every Thursday from 11:30 AM -1:00 PM during KU class sessions. It is open to all, and donation based.

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Free coffee tuesdays

The ECM and its community supporters offer free Fair Trade Coffee and homemade baked goods on Tuesday mornings during the KU semester starting at 10 am.

Image designed by Eliana Williamson 2019

Image designed by Eliana Williamson 2019

Solidarity Library

This is a community volunteer run library with over 4,000 rare and radical books, magazines, periodicals, pamphlets, zines, and other publications. 


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Stay tuned for new and upcoming programs at ECM!

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