Sexuality educator, Judith Galas, and the ECM co-sponsor free, 10 week workshops on sexuality for adults aged 18-35. Retired teacher, writer, and a national sexuality education trainer, Judith uses the curriculum from the nationally acclaimed Our Whole Lives (OWL) program.

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Because the sessions build on each other both with knowledge and participant trust, participants are asked to commit to regular attendance. All participants must attend the first session, which dive into expectations and set a tone of safety and comfort.

The full program can include as many as 13 topic sessions. However, these will be paired down to 10 to encourage attendance. At the opening session, participants will be invited to weigh in on which topics are most critical to the group. Among the possible topics are:

  • Young adults and sexuality--the program, ground rules, introductions and understanding of sexuality.

  • Mind and body--sexual vocabulary, body image, acceptance of self and partners, personal values linked to sexuality.

  • Sexual pleasure--masturbation, attitudes toward sexual pleasure, anatomy, sexual response and orgasm

  • Keeping your body healthy--risks involved with sexual activity, safe practices for prevention of STIs and pregnancy, breast and testicular self-exams

  • Exploring gender--gender roles and restrictions, gender fluidness and complexity, and the broad category “transgender.”

  • Sexual orientation--the complexities of gender identity and orientations, one’s own comfort level, phobias and stereotypes, creation of safe spaces and support

  • Communication--talking about sex with partners, messages about roles and gender, feedback techniques, substances and sex

  • Relationships, love, and commitment--hooking up, dating, monogamy and polyamory, triangular theory of love

  • Boundaries and boundary violations--consent, sexual assault and abuse, define personal boundaries, identify unhealthy power differences

  • Family matters--family of origin, various ways to create families, unplanned pregnancy

  • Sexual fantasy and variations--variation as a component of human sexuality, BDSM, explicit media, porn, compulsive sexual behaviors, commercialization of sex

  • Closing--clarify personal values that affect sexual behavior, take-aways, final questions, group celebration

For more information about the OWL: Lifespan Sexuality Education program please see the link below: